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Dear Paper Dragon, Y

Dear Paper Dragon, YOU chose to be a part of that organization. YOU know what’s going on up there. Yet YOU hope for silence so that YOU can keep your job. But the only solution is for YOU to act….YOU and all YOUR co-workers. This must come to a head, or YOU WILL be OUT of a job. The only satisfaction in that is, so will the FAMILY….

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Excellent piece. I&#

Excellent piece. I've always abhored the Left-Western attitude that the Third World, including Muslims, is really a case of pediatric actors in need of the Great White Father's guidance and apologia. That attitude is nothing less than another manifestation of colonialism.

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Re again--it's s

Re again--it's scary for another reason. I didn't to tune out all of his speeches. Where it not for your blog I would think Obama was the best thing since sliced bread.Speaking of which, if necessity truly is the mother of invention we seriously must consider what our country and the rest of the civilized world considers a necessity. Obama and his ilk of half baked plans are not a nessity.

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Khali has? a real co

Khali has? a real condition called giantism with makes u grow a lot faster and your forehead and chin grows out…but khali is awesome ….punjabi nightmare

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online cialis


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Agree with Sasha at

Agree with Sasha at the point. FWIW, he played the point in Europe before he was drafted and then made into a shooting guard. Putting Ariza on Paul is also probably for the best. Fisher doesn’t have a hope of keeping Paul in front of him.

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hi there, i just got

hi there, i just got a new sim only deal with mobile data allowance. When i go onto settings and carrier it comes up with the old network i was on. I took off automatic and it came up with four different networks, none of which are my new one. is my phone locked to my old network even though i never use mobile data on it or something else?

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changing websites.

changing websites. last year I did this post on one of my blogs, I think it is still worth look; Online Auction Owners | Rapid Sitemap Techniec __________________ WebSiteHandyMan.co.uk Christmas Gifts – Search

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